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Iron University Podcast

Feb 4, 2019

Featuring guest, Rebecca Camire (NTP) from Refreshed Nutrition. Rebecca is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, blogger, cook, and one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to healthy eating. This episode covers reading nutritional labels, micronutrients, clean eating, common questions, mindset, and her own philosophy on healthy eating.

What we discussed:

  • Her inspirations for being healthy
  • Her thoughts on human design
  • What to watch out for with nutritional labels
  • What it means to be a certified nutritional therapy practitioner
  • What it means to eat clean
  • Her most common questions from her clients
  • Why micronutrients are essential
  • How mindset is overlooked within eating
  • Her philosophy of reset, refresh, and find balance
  • How she came up with her recipes
  • Her article called, 6 Things a Nutritionist Would Toss From Your Kitchen
  • Why kids should learn to cook
  • The first step to take to becoming healthier


Instagram: refreshed_nutrition

Facebook: Refreshed Nutrition

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