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Iron University Podcast

Jan 22, 2019

Featuring guest, Matt Harmon from Yahoo Sportsreception perception, and Backyard Banter. Putting aside Matt’s many accomplishments in the fantasy football world, Matt has an incredible story of how he has lost over a hundred pounds. This episode covers, creating a tangible plan, mindset, reflection, confidence, and how to make lasting changes.

What we discussed:

  • His key takeaways from hosting Backyard Banter
  • His evolving journey with his lifestyle changes from high school to adulthood
  • How he created a game plan to put him on track
  • How to change mindset with small steps
  • How reflection was critical for his growth
  • How he taught himself about nutrition and working out
  • Overcoming his fears and life’s challenges
  • His #1 fantasy pick for next year

Instagram: mattharmon_byb

Twitter: mattharmon_byb

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